5 Tips for Bohemian Interior Design

5 Tips for Bohemian Interior Design

The bohemian style trend still continues in the 21st century. Many people find the modern style boring and want to use different styles such as bohemian as a source of inspiration in their lives. Bohemianism can connote different meanings to many people, but here is a common thought always fixed: Bohemian style exposes our spiritual side. Because of this reason, using boho-style pieces can feed our soul and make a difference in our lives.

When we take inspiration from a style, we can apply it not only to our clothes, but to all items in our lives. Home decoration is the perfect way to bring together pieces that will inspire your soul and mind. So, in this blog, there are some tips for Bohemian style interior design ideas.

1- Let the colors rest your soul!

We all know that some colors are too much dazzling for a day that requires us to rest at home. For example, no one feels peaceful while reading a book in a room that with scarlet color.

Unlike dazzling colors, earthy tones can be a great option for the home you want to furnish in a bohemian style. Especially colors such as beige, cream, mocha will perfectly reflect the style you want on your walls.


2- Shine like a diamond with boho lighting materials

 Lighting is one of the most important decoration items of a house. In a house where the lighting is not enough, you can’t notice enough how beautiful is sky and weather are.

Bohemian style chandeliers and lamps made of wicker can be perfect fit items for your home. In addition, choosing designs with tassel details for a more stylish look will add a more shabby atmosphere to the house.


3- Not too ethnic, not too modern

The hardest part of the choosing bohemian style furniture for your home is that there are so many options for it. While the excess of ethnic patterns makes the house more active than necessary, looking too modern may not externalize the mood you want. Therefore, when choosing bohemian furniture, you can choose plain and patternless pieces and use different and colorful pillows on the pillows you will put on them. You can even add seat covers in different patterns on the sofas.


 4- Try not to be a botanical garden

Bohemians' love of nature is inescapable, which is why planting plants in your home can be a great idea. But while doing this, keep in mind that having too many plants in the house will have some difficulties both in terms of human health and in the care of plants. For an equivalent solution in this regard, you can add elegance to your decoration by using artificial plants.


5- Wood is beautiful, but nature is more beautiful

You should remember that there are not only expensive ways to furnish your home in the style you want. New items are always preferable, but using thrift stores is both more environmentally friendly and affordable. You can save your money on your win-win thrift store shopping and spend it on different things. It is also possible to make many used items more beautiful than new with a few small operations.


Also, you may want to show your bohemian spirit not only in your home but also in your clothes. Don't forget to check out our website for Boho & Hippie Style outfits!

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